Friday, November 22, 2013

Rios vs Pacquiao Fight HBO pay per view LIVE

Manny Pacquiao versus Brandon Rios in Macau, Bam Bam vs Pacman China, being billed as “The Clash in Cotai.”
HBO Sports has another 'Under the Lights' preview, this time for Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios on Saturday in Macao, live on PPV.

Mike Tyson talks Pacquiao-Rios with Jim Lampley of HBO Sports.

Jim Lampley

"When you see Manny, do you see a guy who's pushing the limit of how far he can go with boxing?"

Mike Tyson

"I think Manny Pacquiao still has a couple of years left in him. He has taken a sensational loss. It's all psychological. If he got beaten up really bad psychologically because of the loss to Marquez, then we have a problem. But if he took it as a bad day at the office, he still can make a lot of noise in boxing."

Jim Lampley

"He's getting ready to fight Brandon Rios, who's probably the most direct, hard charger, coming forward in the sport. Is that an easy fight for Pacquiao to win because he has so much game and Rios really only knows one thing to do?"

Mike Tyson

"It depends on the psychological condition that Pacquiao is in. Rios is just a game fighter, you can hit him all day. But Pacquiao when he's on top of his game, he has so much movement, so much lateral movement. And a guy like this, absolutely made for Pacquiao normally. Normally a guy like this is made for Pacquiao. We gonna know. Rios has a lot of spirit and he comes to impress as a warrior when he fights. It's gonna be an exciting fight. It's gonna be truly exciting."

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

((COTAI)) Brandon Rios Vs. Manny Pacquiao Live Streaming HBO

Brandon Rios (BAM BAM) is very excited about the match against Manny Pacquiao (PACMAN) for the live fight and faces in the ring nights and also the Clash in Cotai .

Manny Pacquiao sees David and Goliath battle with Brandon Rios and promises one-punch power . Pacquiao believes being the smaller man will not have a bearing on the outcome of this fight.
“Am I confident for my fight with Rios? I am more than confident. Rios is bigger than me.

 Remember Goliath was bigger than David and yet David needed just one stone to fell the giant," said Pacquiao as the two boxers began fight week in Macau.

"I enter this fight stronger than ever. I have the strength of my country and my people coursing through my body. I fight for them, not for me. I fight for their glory, not mine.”
Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's trainer, admitted last week that the tragedy and mayhem caused by Typhoon Haiyan had distracted the boxer last week, but that he was now mentally attuned.
The six weight world champion is an absolute shoe-in for The Hall of Fame once he becomes eligible. However, contention is building as to the extent of his decline over the past 18 months.
Once the most deadly executioner in the sport, ‘Pacman’, now 34, hasn’t registered a stoppage victory for over four years and, for the first time in his 19 year pro career, he endured back-to-back defeats last year against Tim Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez.
Both conquerors, of course, are fighters of the very highest calibre. The Filipinos backers will argue, and with some justification, that their hero was shafted by the judges in the former and had the upper hand of a thriller in the latter before carelessly colliding into one of the greatest punches in ring history.
BoxNation viwers can make their own assessments of Pacquiao’s present form by watching into his ring return against Azteca warrior Brandon ‘Bam Bam’ Rios, live from The Venetian Resort, Macao, in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Watch the the whole show – which also includes IBF featherweight rematch between Russia’s Evgeny Gradovich and Australia’s Billy Dib – live and exclusive in the UK on BoxNation (Sky Ch. 437/Virgin Ch. 546) from 1.30am on Sunday morning. Join at
Rios, a proud fighter who has built a career reputation on standing toe to toe, added that he had no fear of the Filipino: “I want to feel Manny’s power. I want to feel all of it.
"This is the first training camp I have kept to the game plan and done everything I was told to do. Manny Pacquiao is a big step. I am going to shut everyone up and prove I am the best. The second Alvarado fight was my bad."
"I was focused on knocking him out and that’s how I trained and fought, throwing one shot at a time trying to land that knockout punch.
"It was also the first time I ever lifted weights and by the third round I was slowing down. This time I am focusing on winning – not on the knockout – and Robert and his dad have designed a lot of ways for me to do that. My body clock has finally adjusted to Macau.
I slept until 7am and was in the gym before 9am. I know we are in Manny’s backyard and I want to win every round. I have trained not to give up a minute to Manny Pacquiao.”

Monday, November 11, 2013

Rios vs Pacquiao Live Streaming HBO Boxing

Manny Pacquiao is looking to bounce back after consecutive losses when he fights Brandon Rios in Macau, China.

This fight should tell which of these two veteran fighters should hang it up as both boxers are coming off losses with sportsbook odds making Pac-Man the gambling boxing odds favorite.

Mike Alvarado beat Brandon Rios with a decision in March of this year that was a great fight and within a couple points on all scorecards. On the other side, the Pac-Man is coming off uncharacteristic back to back losses. The last fight Manny Pacquiao had was when he got knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez after losing a decision to Timothy Bradley before that.

Manny Pacquiao (54-5-2, 38 KOs) vs Brandon Rios (31-1-1, 23 KOs)

I think I’m with everyone in saying I hope Pacquiao takes this fight very seriously and gives Rios everything he has. I definitely don’t want to see Manny Pacquiao retire any time soon, but Rios is a quick little guy that may prevent the Pac-Man from landing those big bangs he is used to getting in on his opponents.

Brandon Rios is also an underrated counter puncher which it seems was what Marquez did well to take him out. With that in mind, Rios also seems bursting with confidence even though he is moving up to the welterweight division at 147 pounds for his first time ever when he fights Pacquiao.

Rios almost sounds excited about it remarking that he will have a better muscle tone and won’t have to kill himself. He says, “…it’s my time. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. I’ve been promised Pacquiao or Marquez for the longest time.” Rios also talked confidently about action saying, “Now, I’ve got Pacquiao, and I’m going to take this opportunity to go out and to dominate in every way that I can to come out victorious.”

Even so, the betting line has the Pac-Man at over a 4 to 1 boxing odds favorite early for the China fight in November. I am sure that heavy favorite status involves the fact that Pacquiao will definitely be ready for this fight to avoid his 3rd straight loss.

Michael Koncz is an advisor for Pacquiao and let us in on the fact that he was considering Mike Alvarado, who Rios just beat, but he went with a more in your face fighter in Rios. This promises a brawl type fight for the fans in a fight I would recommend betting boxing gambling odds of a knockout.

After he got knocked out in their fourth fight on December 8th, 2013 by Juan Manuel Marquez, he really wanted Pacquiao vs Marquez 5 but Marquez nixed that idea. I believe that Rios doesn’t have a quick enough lateral movement to avoid many shots getting landed and by the 6th round a Knockout.

Of course, we all know the next question even if Pacquiao loses and that will be everybody wondering if Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will ever happen.

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